What can I do as a photographer for high school seniors and their friends to create connection and joy for them this summer?

With new years come new resolutions. Like many of you, the beginning of 2020 came with a flourish, and I was so excited to achieve some personal and business goals. I planned to build on my current friendships and reconnect with old friends, tackle some physical goals, and --perhaps most exciting-- get intentional about my photography business for the first time in 17 years. Although I have been in business since 1995, last September, I became an empty-nester. My daughter left for college, and after two years of college applications, campus tours, SATs and ACTs, regents, prom and graduation party planning there was a limited amount of time spent focusing on the growth of my business. Parents of high school juniors and seniors, you’re in the thick of it now, but the bittersweet moment of letting your child fly is just around the corner. For me, that goodbye came with a wave of sadness, quickly replaced by a deep pride in my daughter and a newfound sense of independence and freedom in myself. 

They say your calling is the thing you’d do regardless of financial gain, and for me, creating fashion-forward images of kids and teens in interesting locations is my true calling. I view my photography as a tool aimed at helping adolescents gain confidence, and decided 2020 was the year to execute my vision, with a goal of increasing my already thriving Teen Headshot Service by 50% and developing and launching a High School Senior Portrait Experience. January through March, I hustled and made progress… and then March 15th hit and the world (including my business) came to a screeching halt. My business is one of connection and celebration, and right now, I can not wait for it to all be possible again. I know high school juniors and seniors are facing the reality of prom, graduation and other milestone events being cancelled and can only imagine how that must feel. But in the midst of the isolation and uncertainty, we must have hope for the brighter days ahead. Soon we’ll be able to go outside again, and I’m looking forward to capturing those mask-free smiles. 

If you would like to create a photography experience this summer for your son or daughter please get in touch! I would love to help you create a day of connection and celebration before your Senior heads off to college.

No dream is too big and no idea is too small!