Joseph’s passion for musical theater and for entertaining was immediately evident through the way he carried himself throughout his shoot for his new headshots. The 15 year old actor is a natural performer and puts his benevolent personality on full display during every interaction. Some of his recent notable credits include Aladdin, in which he played the titular role, and Ken in the Neil Simon play Rumors. His passion for performing began at the age of 7 or 8 while watching a high school performance of Annie Get Your Gun. There was a character that held a clipboard in the musical that served as an early dream role for him. Some of his current creative influences include Neil Simon, Broadway actor Rob McClure, Wayne Brady, and the entire cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, who are also his dream collaborators. 

To Joseph, the most rewarding part of performing is the laughter and audience response during the show. Though it is important not to feed too much into it, he explains that it can really help add energy to the performance. Before going on stage, Joseph likes to sit in silence to deal with the butterflies. “Be a light, be a flame, be a beacon,” is something that his teacher and director says before every performance that has really stuck with him. One piece of advice he has for those who are just starting to get into performing is to find out what it is that you like about it first and then dive into your specific liking of it. In 10 years, Joseph hopes to be watching a performance of something that he wrote, as he hopes to one day become a playwright.

You can find Joseph on Instagram @joeparrino_ !!

Blog by Ally Roberts