Why Prints Matter More Now Than Ever…

Let’s face it, digital files are not forever. Sure, they’ll enjoy a few days of “likes” on social media and one or two may even earn a coveted spot as a screensaver or phone background. But the majority are doomed to stay locked up inside a USB, pushed to the back of a junk drawer. And let’s not get started on all of those DVDs clients bought from me years ago. I wonder if those images will ever see a screen again-- I don't have access to a DVD player anymore, do you? I was among many photographers sucked into the shoot and burn mentality. My clients were asking for digital copies of photos… so that must be what they wanted, right? In reality, it's only what they THOUGHT ​they wanted. I now believe that by offering digital images, I was doing a disservice to the photo industry and most importantly, my clients. Since 1995, I’ve been operating on Long Island as a full service photography studio, known for creating memories in the form of wall art for families. Through the years, technology became more prevalent and so did the requests for digital photography. I have always struggled with the idea that digital copies don’t offer the same lasting memory as a print.

Ultimately, I want to do what’s best for my clients, so I chatted with some of my most loyal customers to understand the thought process behind the purchasing decisions and gauge their satisfaction after choosing digital. What I found was actually quite heartbreaking. Although the families chose digital as a way to save money by making their own prints, the majority admitted that their photos never made it off the USB or DVD. The choice to "SAVE MONEY" ended up being money wasted since the photos were printed and displayed. Now more so than ever, I feel the need to answer the question

​”Why do prints matter​?”

​”Why Are They More Meaningful​ than a USB drive sitting in a dusty drawer?”

5 Reasons Professional Prints Matter More Now Than Ever

  1. A custom framed print on your wall allows you to enjoy and remember the stages of your family's life.
  2. After spending hundreds of dollars with a professional photographer, purchasing a print for your wall has more value than digital files on a USB Drive.
  3. Investing in prints of your kids once a year is an investment that lasts forever.
  4. Large prints turn your house into a home! Decorating with family portraits creates warmth and connection.
  5. One huge print on the wall or over the mantle is a great conversation piece. Choose quality over quantity, and in this case, size does matter! 

What is a full service photography experience? ​

A full service photography experience means my clients are cared for from the moment they book a session until they’ve unwrapped their chosen print. I offer wardrobe suggestions, choose locations to suit my clients’ personalities, provide in-person design sessions, suggestions on print sizing, and perhaps most importantly-- guidance on how and where to display their family photos. 

I LOVE playing interior designer. Working with clients and getting to know their decorating style is one of the best parts of my job. I create a photography experience that matches my clients’ lifestyle and captures their essence-- telling their story in the click of a shutter. The experience starts from the first phone call and lasts through the image reveal session and delivery of their work. 

I choose memories, traditions, and keepsakes over technology and I hope you will, too. If your home is missing a beautiful family portrait, get in touch and let’s set up a photo session!

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