Celebrating High School Friendships

These days, high school girls have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of themselves and their friends. Selfies taken in bathroom mirrors, cell phone images from the football game and camera snaps by mom and dad as their teens rush to meet friends at the school dance. While these images last forever, how many are frame-worthy?

 When my daughter started her senior year of high school, I wanted to be sure her group of girlfriends left for college with beautiful reminders of the friendships which molded them into the young women they are today. Through all the ups and downs, this group of girls always seemed to find their way back to each other and as parents, we all know that no matter how much time and distance separate us from our high school friendships, these are some of the most foundational relationships in our lives.

 As a special gift to my daughter and her friends, I set up a photoshoot to ensure their memories would be display-worthy for years to come. The entire day was designed to help them feel special, pampered and like models while creating an experience that celebrated their friendship and highlighted the unique personalities of each girl. The day was an absolute blast for the girls, and I hired a cinematographer to capture the day from start to finish.

After revealing the images captured that day, I received nothing but rave reviews from both the girls and their parents. I knew if they loved the experience and the photos so much, other high schoolers and their families would love it, too, so I launched The Senior Portrait Experience. On this special day, teens are pampered with hair and makeup sessions, wardrobe styling, and a photo shoot at locations scouted specifically for each group. Teens take photos together with their friends, while also getting a few solo snaps. When best friends are together, their guard comes down quickly, enabling us to get authentically amazing shots of each teen during this one-of-a-kind experience.

 Social distancing won’t last forever, but neither does high school. All over the country, high schoolers are mourning the loss of special events which once seemed like a guarantee. This spring, teens won’t dance at prom or walk across a stage to celebrate 13 years of schooling. No matter how many rites of passage are lost, the friendships remain. Give your teen a gift worth looking forward to, with a post-social distancing photo shoot with their best friends. Capture the joy of togetherness and celebrate high school friendships with The Senior Portrait Experience.