MEET Seraphina Moger

Seraphina Moger is 6 years old and has the ability to light up any room she walks into with her bright eyes and magnetic personality. She is energetic and has a genuine passion for performing that can be seen through the way she floats around the room and forms a connection with anyone she interacts with.

She dances at Art In Motion Dance Center and has performed in recitals and talent shows. She is new to the acting world and is open to potentially doing more shows in the future. Seraphina enjoys painting and drawing and loves to do accents and impressions, her favorites being a British accent and a Stitch impression. Singing is her absolute favorite type of performing, which she discovered when she was 3 years old while singing with her family. Though she can sometimes find herself feeling a little nervous before going on stage, her love for the arts always pushes her to put on a great performance. 

On top of her interest in singing, dancing, and accents, Seraphina also loves gymnastics. When asked where she sees herself as a grownup in the future, she said she envisioned herself living on a beach with her songs playing on the radio.

She will be performing in her first show, Fame, this year and is so excited to officially enter the world of musical theatre. Seraphina can be found on Instagram @serapinamogerofficial and is represented by Bercy Talent Management


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