Alexis Rae Forlenza is a fantastic young performer with a stellar resume of film, tv, and stage credits including The King of Staten Island (2020) and FBI (2022), and she’s only in the fifth grade! Despite her age, Alexis carries herself like a professional while also keeping the energy bright and fun.​ Represented by CESD Talent Agency and Innovative Artists, this up-and-coming actress is a ray of light both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. 

Alexis first realized that performing was something that she wanted to pursue when she first saw her older brother Landon began acting professionally. The siblings are very close and Alexis loves to follow in her brother’s footsteps. Her first ever role was in a performance of Willy Wonka as an oompa loompa which she says was fun, but interesting to look back on because of the green wig she had to wear. Her most recent performance was From Stage to Screen’s production of High School Musical playing the role of Kelsi. Singing is her favorite type of performing because it brings her the most enjoyment when she does it. She also really likes acting because she feels like it allows her to enter a whole new world when playing a character. 

The most fun Alexis has had on a project was during her time in the Park Avenue Armory production of Oresteia. She played a character who had to die, which was a unique experience for her because it is something she never had to do on stage before. She also liked that there were other kids in the cast and that everybody on set was extremely kind. Alexis does not get stage fright up until 2 minutes before she has to go on, but once she is actually on stage she is perfectly fine. 

Musical theater is Alexis’s favorite genre of music. Hamilton was her favorite musical up until recently when she saw Dear Evan Hansen during one of its final performances. Some of her dream roles that she hopes to play one day include Angelica or Eliza in Hamilton and the titular role in Matilda the Musical. She recently wrapped filming an episode of The Walking Dead spinoff series in New Jersey. She could not share much about this project, but she did say that she thought it would be much scarier than it actually was to work on a horror show. 

Alexis is an exceptional actress on both the stage and the screen and it is so exciting to see her grow as a performer with every project she does. 

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Blog by Ally Roberts