Landon James Forlenza is a young star on the rise who, at 13 years old, already has an impressive and endearing amount of experience under his belt. His charismatic demeaner is on full display in his headshots. Landon took his first acting class when he was only five years old. Since then, he has added musical theatre, voice, and tap to his repertoire, making him quite the triple threat. Landon, represented by CESD Talent Agency and Innovative Artists, has been professionally signed for four years and goes to school at From Stage 2 Screen where he frequently performs in their plays. Although his schedule is often packed with performance-related activities, some of his other hobbies include video games, playing soccer, and going bike riding with his friend. Landon also enjoys spending time with his younger sister, also a signed actress, and playing with his dog Ellie. His favorite actor and one of his inspirations is Tom Holland because of his role as Spider-Man and how, like Landon, he sings, dances and acts. He loves Broadway musicals and showtunes, his current favorite being Hamilton

Out of his various performing abilities, Landon’s favorite area of performance is acting. He has a movie in theaters now entitled Armageddon Time by director James Gray in which he plays a villainous character, which is the polar opposite of the young actor's true personality and essence. This past holiday season, Landon was in the Argyle Theater’s professional production of Elf the Musical. Landon has also just finished performing in 13 the Musical with Stage 2 Screen, during which he played a lead role. Although he never seems to get stage fright before performances, Landon tends to feel a bit of pressure because of how driven he is to further perfect his craft. Landon Forlenza is a talented and passionate young performer who audiences should definitely keep an eye out for as he continues to dive further into the world of acting. 

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Blog by Ally Roberts